Milton Keynes Counselling

Work Issues

Issues in and around our working lives are important to many of us and a specialist area for me. Having spent much of the last 30 years in various workplaces, I recognise, understand and can support with the issues which can arise. These include :-

Job Loss

Whether through redundancy or other reasons this can be a jolt. Taking some time to talk through the impact with me can help to soften the blow and prepare you for a new challenge.


During a recession, according to research :-

one in four workers experiences work-related stress
the number of staff taking time off due to job stress increases by about 25% and
total time off due to these types of psychological problems increases by more than a third.

If you feel this could be you, then finding an outlet to talk about it can be a saviour. Whether it's coping strategies that you need, or to talk through the situation to lighten the load, I can help.


This can happen in the workplace and can be a very lonely place to be, particularly when there is so much pressure to stay in a job. Don't suffer in silence I can help.

Promotion or Job Change

Let me coach you through strategies to increase your chances of getting that new position!


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